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"The staggering man"

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The staggering Man

digital, experimental








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3D abstract abstract cityscape abstract expressionism abstract landscape abstract human figures abstract natural scene abstract raw art abstract realism abstract solid abstract surrealism abstract symbolism aerial perspective agricultural allegorical ambiguous symbols animals archaeological architecture areas asian assemblage astronomical autumn barbarous biblical biological black black minimalism black and white blue blue and red blurring botanical brilliant brown brush strokes Buddhism bugs buildings bust butterfly calligraphy calligraphy2 cells chiaroscuro chiaroscuro2 circles cityscape classical color fields color perspective color symbolism colorful comparison complementary colors composition concentric copies after masters crack criminal cubism curves daily life dark debris deformation distortion dusk dynamic earth eerie elements entrance evenly painted evocative expressionism exterior eyes faces faint family figurative floating flow flowers forms found objects fractions geographical geological geometric gold gorgeous gospel gothic graffiti green and red green hard lines hexagons human figures human form human nature icons impressionism informel inner innerscape interior irregular forms Japan New Japonism juxtaposition landscape landscaping legendary life scene light lines liquidity line patterns living things love man manga map mask masses mathematics medieval merging colors meteorological minimalism monochrome monsters morning mosaic movement music mythological naive narrative natural elements natural scene night number3 odd things odd things2 odd ithings3 odd creatures odd oozing optical orange ornamental outdoor oval pastel pastel2 patterns people perspective piles pink pop art portrait primitive purple random elements raw art rectangle red religious repetition scary scientific scribble sea seaside seasonal semiabstract serenity shade silver sky soft lines solid sound spiritual splashes square stains still life stone straight lines streetscape stripes strong structure subcultural subtle suggestive elements sunlight surrealism surrealism2 symbolism symbolic signs tachism texture thick lines traditional tree triangle ugly undulation unidentified objects urban vertical visionary wall warfare waving weak lines weather weird white winged winter woman yellow






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